Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hold your Horses!!!

Ya'll will have to forgive me for not posting in a while, life has been hectic!!!
Now we are settled in our house down here in the Keys, it is awesome down here, (for those of you up in the cold!!!).
But of all things, we don't have internet service at the house! So, we either have to go down to the neighbors house or to the library, which is in Key Largo where i am right now!
I will be posting pictures as soon as i get a chance, I promise.
So, hang in there!
Luv you Guys,
Lydia Grace


  1. Hurrah! Glad you have to back :)

    Tessa - they're just in FL for a few months, kind of a vacation...

  2. Lookin forward to more pictures!!
    I live way up north in the cold but I think that where I live is awesome! I love the snow!!

  3. Evil. Wish I were in Florida. I loved it down there. Went to the lake today and tried to pretend it was the ocean haha!

  4. Good place to be with this cold snap coming! Hope ya'll still get a little snow though!

  5. Glad to hear y'all are enjoying yourselves!! I must admit, however that I prefer cold weather over warm.

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  7. Hey,
    I just noticed that your blog button isn't working.... Try going back to the e-mail that I sent you with the HTML code and copy the WHOLE thing (there is 2 repeated codes, you need both of them!!!) and if It works it should have a code under the image.


    Let me know if it woks!

  8. Aw adorable blog! I really enjoyed reading your past entries. :)

    Blessings- Emily

  9. I've awarded you on my blog http://megansblogforeverything.blogspot.com/2010/03/ive-been-awarded.html


  10. Hello!
    My name is Elizabeth. I really like your blog it is REALLY COOL! And I like horses too!

    In Christ

  11. I know the feeling of not posting far too well x)
    You're forgiven! :)

  12. Hello! I joined your blog a little while ago and I think it's really cute! I awarded you the Beautiful Blog award!!! You can check it out on my blog For the Love of Animals. Here's the link for it: