Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well I Know it has been a awful long time and we are very sorry but we are back and with a bunch of pictures too!! so this is when we were in Florida then I will post two more posts with Family week and back home so here go's!!!!

Here Is the house that we rented and lived in while we were in Florida

Florida!!! A few of us and our friends on a Norse Boat!!

At Mile Marker 0 in Key West!!
On The Boom!!
Our Friends The Williams Boat!!!

We went Ice Skating in Miami Fl with our friends the Williams and Scotty

At the ice skating Rink!!! Group Picture At the Ice skating rink
On there Boat!!


Having Fun!

Right before we went to play Frisbee
Lyddie went up the mast and took pictures!!
Christopher and a little boy having a race at the beach Gathering Shells

Some very Dear friends that came down to visit us in Fl



  1. WOW! The beach AND ice skating! Fun times!

    I love gathering shells and catching critters at the beach, were there a lot of tide-pools there in Florida? None at our NC beaches...

  2. OMG! I am jealous!

    Looks like TONS of fun! Glad y'all enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Hey hannah! just thought I'd drop by and say hi!! Love your blog. :) TTYL Your Pen pal!!