Friday, January 8, 2010

A new video!!!

Howdy everyone!
This is a slideshow of our family that we thought you'd enjoy!!!
I made it since we've been on the boat so all the pictures are recent.
We are planning on heading to Fl. before next weekend, if all goes as planned!
It is quite cold here, we have a thin layer of ice on the water every morning and it was supposed to snow last night...but that never happened!
Anyway, we love you all and thank you to everyone who has become a follower, left a comment, or just stopped by!!!!
Lydia Grace for The Cowgirls


  1. What a great slideshow! The pictures are awesome!


  2. There seems to be something wrong with your blog button... there should be a code under it! I'll try sending you a new code.


  3. Nice slideshow, girls! The random family pictures are so fun!! :)

  4. BTW, girls, I tagged you for some awards! I know you already have the Lemonade award, but now you have the Lovely Lady award too!! :)

  5. That was so cute!!

  6. Hi girls! :)
    I tagged you over at my blog; check out my blog for details:

    God bless you, dear sisters, and have a great evening! :)
    ~Rachel M.~

  7. Great pictures! What a nice family!


  8. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    God bless you

  9. Hey, I tagged you.

  10. LuAnne of s/v Dulces SuenosMay 26, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    I love the pictures of the crew. But, then again....I love the Crew! Nice work Lyddie.