Friday, November 20, 2009

On land and sea

Well, dear friends,
I hope you have not given up on me totally! I do post now and then!!!
Right now me and my Dad are in Newbern, NC. on our boat, we are fixing it up and hope to sail to Fl. around the first of dec.!!! It is alot of work and i am enjoying it very much!
The rest of my family will be down in a week or so, and then we will be gone for 3-5 months!
I am soaking up the high speed internet access here, as we have dial-up at home and anyone who has it can relate!!!!
I will be posting a picture of me and a few of my sisters shortly, it was taken while we were on a trip in the fall. Thought you all might enjoy that!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of ya'll!!!
Lydia Grace

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